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V. Vasilyev: growth of own incomes will help to solve social issues in Dagestan

Increasing the own revenues to the budget of the Republic of Dagestan, including through the collection of taxes, will allow to invest more funds in support of the disabled, to solve problems with the deficit of places in kindergartens and other pressing issues related to the social policy, the interim head of the region Vladimir Vasilyev stated on Saturday, December 23, to journalists in the margins of the XVII Congress of the United Russia party.

"To date, the republican budget is compiled of the donations coming from the federal funds by more than 70%. Without taxes, we cannot succeed in anything: neither help the disabled, nor the elderly and the small children.
To increase the budget incomes, we should harder work on the state program of "shadow economy minimization" - Vasilyev told in response to a question about how Dagestan authorities plan to eliminate the deficit of places in the kindergartens.

Vasilyev explained that at present many enterprises have tax arrears, some organizations are working in "underground economy". In order to persuade entrepreneurs to pay taxes in good faith, Dagestan authorities meet with the representatives of various industries for negotiations.

In this respect, it is crucial to accord priority to collecting, processing and disseminating appropriate information on the newly emerging private sector and the gradually legalized underground economy Vasilyev is quoted saying.


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