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Cultural transformation of Qusar

"Folklore capital of Azerbaijan"

On the orders of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan the Lezgi city Qusar became the "folklore capital" of the country in 2016.

Presentation of Qusar city as the "folklore capital" of the Land of Fire was held at the Museum Center in Baku on March 11.

Elman Mustafaev, the deputy head of Qusar city, took part in the event. He told the audience that during the year scientific-practical conferences, round tables, concerts, competitions, festivals, exhibitions and info-tours would be held in the region. It should be noted that Lezgins living in Qusar region, which is thelargest non-Turkic ethnic group of Azerbaijan and dominant in the north and north-east of the country, have high hopes with this project.

This is due, primarily, to insufficient attention paid to the problems of culture and language of Lezgins in Azerbaijan, as well as the lack of a coherent program of study of the history of Lezgins and other indigenous peoples of the country.

This state of affairs over the years, of course, led to a significant decline in culture of Lezgins in Azerbaijan, notably in the field of school education, in the arts, folk arts and crafts, among the intelligentsia.

In our opinion, in the framework of the project "Folklore Capital" regional authorities should pursue not only scientific and theoretical activities, as the representative of Qusar district administration told, but also will be engage in the restoration or creation of specific educational, cultural and historical objects in the region.

Be sure to organize the collection, processing and publication of unique samples of national music, song, verse and dance of Lezgi people, for which the Qusar land is famous for. It is necessary to raise the question of finally creating local Lezgi Television and Radio.

A special paragraph must be establishing relations between Lezgins in Azerbaijan and Dagestan, in the first place, it is a cultural dialogue, joint projects and activities, visit the delegates of each other, etc.

In conclusion, we note that the Federal Lezgi National and Cultural Autonomy welcomes the decision of the Azerbaijani authorities and hopes that the instructions of official Baku aimed at the stabilization and development of inter-ethnic dialogue in Azerbaijan will be carried out by representatives of the local district authorities qualitatively and within the time frame.

Suleyman Jafarov

FLNCA press-service



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