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Native languages have been refused again?

Minister's new statement

The other day Vladimir Medinskiy, the Minister of Culture of Russia has distinguished by a very ambiguous statement. On the Ethnic Relations Council meeting he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to instruct the Ministry of Education to reduce the time school teaching of foreign languages and the languages of peoples of Russia in favor of the Russian language.

According to the minister, for the sake of improving the quality of the Russian language, not only the number of hours of foreign languages, but also the number of hours of regional languages can be reduced.

The motives of such a statement of Medinskiy are not clear. It is possible to accurately note is that any attempt to explain this statement does not make it valid.

To improve the knowledge of the Russian language, the Minister decided that pupils should increase cramming. But even for a layman in this field it is evident that simply increasing the hours of teaching of the Russian language does not necessarily improve the quality of possession.

To improve the situation with the Russian language it is necessary to find the reason why this subject, as well as the whole system of education in the country as a whole, has undergone serious degradation over the post-Soviet years. A more detailed consideration of it shows that the situation is deplorable not only with the Russian language - but also with algebra, biology, and literature and generally the entire education system.

Meanwhile, many indigenous languages of Russia have endangered status. According to UNESCO, 136 Russian languages are in danger, 20 of them have already found dead. 22 languages are considered to be in a critical condition, 29 in serious danger. It is not difficult to guess what catastrophic consequences can result in reduction of learning the language and culture of these peoples.

Such proposals are harmful for the small peoples of Russia and also for the country's unity. Many peoples of our country could see an attempt on their native languages in such a statement and it could even set up the peoples against the central government. There is no doubt in the fact that there will be those who will provide in Medinskiy statement a convenient excuse to provoke people.

Magomed Abdullaev

FLNCA press-service



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