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And what benefit will we get?

Dagestani lands for Azerbaijani farmers

And what benefit will we get?

Recently it became known about the initiative of the Dagestani leadership to rent farmland in the Southern Dagestan to Azerbaijani entrepreneurs.

Last week VII Azerbaijani-Russian inter-regional forum was held in Baku. Over 600 entrepreneurs of state and private organizations of the two countries took part in it. The forum participants discussed the issues of development of cooperation in tourism, industry, agricultural sector and strengthening ties in the humanitarian sphere.

At the forum Ramazan Abdullatipov, the head of Dagestan made an unexpected statement to reporters. He suggested Azerbaijani entrepreneurs to rent lands around Derbent. According to the head of Dagestan, in the course of the conversation with Azerbaijani entrepreneurs, they expressed their desire for simplification of customs procedures between the two countries for exports from Azerbaijan to Russia.

And what benefit will we get?

However, as a result of this contract Dagestan may remain at a loss:

* Customs revenues to the state treasury will reduce;

* Protection of local products on the market will be canceled;

* The ability of the state to influence the pricing will be limited;

* Access to land resources will be taken away from domestic producers;

* Problem with water supply in the Southern Dagestan will sharply compounded;

* Socio-economic situation of Dagestani people employed in agriculture will deteriorate.

It is unclear why we should provide these lands for rent. The negligence of the authorities in respect of their obligations to protect the interests of the Dagestani people continues.

It is also important to note that the numerous scandalous statement of the head of Dagestan, voiced by him during the years of his leadership in the republic, often directed against Southern Dagestan and interests of local people, landowners, farmers and entrepreneurs.

Magomed Abdullaev

FLNCA press-service



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