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Kurush: on the top of Europe

FLNCA expedition in the Southern Dagestan

Kurush: on the top of Europe

In August of this year FLNCA sent Moscow delegation of three people to the ethnographic expedition. The trip route ran through the villages of Dokuzparinskiy, Akhtinskiy, Magaramkhurskiy, Kurakhskiy and Suleyman Stalskiy areas.

The expedition carried in the first place the scientific character: its task was to collect folklore and ethnographic material. For the week, the participants visited a dozen villages, met with a large number of elders and cultural workers, and collected a lot of interesting information about the traditions, crafts and features of everyday life in different villages.

The trip began with a visit to the village of Kurush of Dokuzparinskiy district; it is the highest settlement in Europe and the most southern in the whole of Russia. Its height above sea level is 2565 m; the population is about 800 people.

The participants went to the homes of most elderly people of the village - Akhmedova Seher (1932 - 01/12/2016) and Oruzhova Fatima (1934 born). They told about some traditions of Kurush people, mainly about wedding traditions.

Previously young men rarely chose whom to marry, the decisions were taken by the parents, and it was not acceptable to resist their will.

Kurush: on the top of Europe

Weddings werecelebrated for three days. The first two days guests were called one by one: first, old men, then women, then the youth. It should be noted that such an abundance of food, like today, was not even in the mid-twentieth century. Only soup and rice were mandatory, and for dessert - Lezgi halva called "Isita".

Bride's dress was not accepted to sew from white cloth, but one tradition associated with the reference to color from Kurush people, like all Lezgins, exists to this day. The face (and head) of bride was covered with a red handkerchief.

The first times of the marriage the couple did not have to talk to each other in public. There is a rule which is in force for life: the girl does not call the husband by name and never refers to him in the presence of their parents, and husband calls her simply "wife", but not by name. And she had to name husband's parents "mother" and "father". And she could see her own parents only after the birth of the first child.

These are traditional steps for creating a new family in Kurush.

Kaniya Shamsiyeva

FLNCA press-service



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