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Samur: on the brink of disaster

The inhabitants of "the Samur area" held a protest

On July 12, 2016 villagers of "Samur" area held a protest against a possible resumption of the construction of the water intake station, the power of which focused on water supply of the city of Derbent. Protesters, concerned about the threat of an ecological catastrophe in the region due to drilling operations, announced that they are organizing patrol on duty in construction site area.

Recall that the construction of the so-called Samur water intake station has been discussed since 2013, when the republican authorities instructed the workers to start construction activities that have caused a surge of discontent of residents of villages Samur and Azadogly, who were later joined by other villages of "Samur" zone.

Note that the special outrage of local residents was caused by the reluctance of Makhachkala to take into account their opinion, as evidenced by the numerous attempts to start drilling without informing the local population about them in advance. On this occasion the villagers repeatedly held protests and, during one of which the representatives of the power unit used force against the protesters, many protesters were arrested and jailed by law enforcement agencies for a certain terms of imprisonment.

Also, it should be understood that the launch of Samur water intake station certainly will have detrimental effect on the ecology of Samur forest and the adjoining region. Competent Russian environmentalists, who visited the Samur village at the invitation of the Federal Lezghi National and Cultural Autonomy, mase a conclusion, that clearly states that the drilling operations have a great environmental threat that could turn into a real natural disaster.

According to Magomedanif Behbudov, a member of the Public Council of the Samur village, the deputy of Samur village meeting, activity of the workers on the facility has been renewed recently.

Seeing all this, it was decided to hold a protest. The participants of the action were about 300 residents of Samur, Azadogly, Filer, Kapir, Tagirhyur, Bilbil, Chahchah and other villages of "samur zone." Many protesters arrived from Derbent, Makhachkala, Ogni, etc.

In addition, at the invitation of Samur villagers representatives of the All-Russia People's Front (ONF) and the party "People against Corruption" (CPP), which nominated their candidates for the elections to the People's Assembly of Dagestan, took part in the meeting. Also, there were a significant number of Lezgi community members, representatives of the national media.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided that representatives of these communities will take part in the election campaign at various levels in order to be able directly to address the acute problems of their villages. Since the appeals to the republican authorities and the current deputies only worsen the situation as these structures usually do not decide anything. Also at the meeting an appeal to the name of the Russian President Vladimir Putin was adopted.

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