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Qusar Theatre in Moscow

The first visit to Russian capital

Qusar Theatre in Moscow

On October 30 on the stage of House of Culture "Chayka Qusar State Lezgi Dramatic Theatre performed two plays "Zi Sedef and "Arshin Mal Alan in the Lezgi language for the Moscow public.

The event was organized with the financial support of some countymen from Moscow. Information and organizational support for the event was provided by FLNCA.

The objects of decorative art of Lezgins such as wool socks (kulutar), jugs (kvarar) and other clay products (henchin kapar) , combs for wool (reker), spinning wheel (chra) and even loom were placed in the hall. The floors of the House of Culture were generously covered with Lezgi carpets.

Qusar Theatre in Moscow

Faik Qardashov, the director of the Qusar State Lezgi Dramatic Theatre, welcomed everybody and on behalf of the entire troupe, he expressed joy over the Russian capital's tour and emphasized the importance of this event to their theater and Lezgi culture.

Then the floor was given to Shahid Askerov, one of the financial supporters of the event. He spoke about the importance of such events. He said that such events come to life also through the audience, who is always ready to support the initiators of events.

Musical performance "Zi Sedef" based on Asef Mehman's play lasted a little less than one and a half hours. The main roles were played by Kifayet Yusifova, Lale Kurbanova and Yalcin Karakhanov.

During the break, the guests were invited to a separate "Golden Hall" on the same floor, where musicians with their instruments and dance ensemble from Qusar organized a saturated intermission.

Qusar Theatre in Moscow

The break lasted half an hour, and it was followed by the second performance - "Arshin Mal Alan" which lasted an hour. At the close of the performance the artists sang Lezgi song "Perizada". The entire auditorium supported them with thunderous applause.

In conclusion, we note that events like theatrical performances of Qusar Lezgi Theater, and creative evening of Sedaget Kerimova in Moscow are an evidence to the recovery of cultural bridges between Lezgins living on both sides of the border.

FLNCA repeatedly stressed the importance of cultural ties between Lezgi and Dagestani peoples, divided by state border; welcomes any constructive initiatives in this area of concern and calls on the Dagestani and Azerbaijani authorities to intensify work in this direction, which will certainly have a positive impact on the cultural life of the peoples of both republics.

Qusar Theatre in Moscow

Inaya Nurmetova

FLNCA press-service



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