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FLNCA on FUEN Congress

FLNCA delegation in the meetings of FUEN

FLNCA on FUEN Congress

On May 18, 2016 the 61th Annual Congress of FUEN (Federal Union of European Nationalities) was held in the cultural capital of Europe in Wroclaw, Poland.

FLNCA delegation composed of its President Arif Kerimov and the head of the International Cooperation Department Tatiana Chubrikova took part in this Congress, the main task of which was to discuss the current serious situation of refugees in Europe and the role of national minorities in the resolution of the conflict arising from this.

Among the participants of the FUEN Congress in Wroclaw there were Bernard Gajda, the Chairman of the Association of German organizations in Poland , Hans Kirk Hinrich Hansen, the President of FUEN , Astrid Thors, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, Sebastián Hvalek, Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland in Warsaw, Ryszard Galla, deputy chairman of the National Minorities Committee Sejm of Poland, Hartmut Kaushik, Commissioner on issues related to ethnic German immigrants and national minorities of the Federal government of Germany, Rafal Dutkiewicz, the Mayor of Vraclav and others.

FLNCA on FUEN Congress

The participation of the OSCE High Commissioner stresses the importance of FUEN and its cooperation with the OSCE. In her speech, Astrid Thors said that the protection of rights of persons belonging to national minorities, was the foundation of a stable society, and the system of international law designed to ensure the rights of minorities, in the past two decades had significantly improved the work of the High Commissioner, despite the fact that the practice of execution these laws was still far from perfect.

"States have a responsibility to create conditions under which the minority interests are respected, where there is a dialogue and mutual understanding between all peoples.

However, if the government does not take seriously its responsibility in building a just society, in those countries where national minorities do not believe that the authorities protect their interests, they lose their sense of belonging to the people of this country.

If the dialogue between the authorities and minorities are not established, it is likely that minorities will seek the support of the neighboring states, and that may give rise to even more stress, "- said Astrid Thors.

On the first day of the congress, the FLNCA delegation held a meeting with Astrid Tours. During this conversation, Ms. Tours asked about the situation with the situation of the Lezgi people. FLNKA president Arif Kerimov in detail familiarized Ms. Tours with the development of the situation and arranged a meeting in the Hague to further discuss the Lezgi issue.

FLNCA on FUEN Congress

As part of the Congress a number of significant events for all FUEN happened: statutes and the name of the organization were changed, as well as the election of a new president of the Union of European Nationalities was held.

At the summit in Wrocław a resolution of the Union of European Nationalities was adopted. It includes two general parts: "About Recognition, Rights and Self-Government" and "On the languages of national minorities and linguistic renaissance". In addition to the common parts, the Resolution has also more specific topics, among which and "Resolution of the Federal Lezgi National and Cultural autonomy."

On May 21 the new president of FUEN was elected by secret ballot. 89 out of 176 votes were given to Laurence Winz and he became a new president of FUEN. After voting results were announced, Arif Kerimov met with the newly elected president of the FUEN. Laurence Winz thanked the FLNCA delegation for supporting his candidacy. In turn, the FLNCA President congratulated Laurens Winz with election to such a responsible and honorable position, and expressed hope for further development of all-round mutually beneficial and constructive cooperation with FUEN.

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