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How to overcome extremism?

"Dagestan against terrorism and extremism"

How to overcome extremism?

On September 29, 2016 in Moscow, at the hotel "President Hotel" FLNCA held the conference "Problems of fight against xenophobia and prevention of religious extremism among the youth."

This conference was the final event of the large-scale project "Dagestan against terrorism and extremism."

Recall that in the framework of the project 8 youth forums were held in six districts and two cities of the Republic of Dagestan: Suleiman Stalsky, Magaramkhursky, Hivsky, Kurakhsky, Akhtinsky, Dokuzparinsky areas and cities of Derbent and Makhachkala.

Within educational and social training sessions, participants of the forums under the guidance of leading experts have acquired the skills and knowledge that can extricate them from an extremely dangerous and pernicious ideology and engage them in socially useful activities. The total number of participants in all forums exceeded 2500 people.

How to overcome extremism?

During the first part of the conference, reports were made on such topics as the scientific and methodological problems of research of psychology of terror, the experience and problems of counteraction to extremism and terrorism in Russia, problems of affectivity of public policies to combat extremism and terrorism and other relevant topics. In addition, the participating experts of the project "Dagestan against terrorism and extremism" told about the course, the activities and their outcomes.

If generalize the conclusions of experts in the course of the forums held in Dagestan and in the course of the conference, we can formulate a number of factors that are the cause of the radicalization of youth and the spread of extremist ideas:

- Lack of adequate youth policy strategy, especially at the regional level

- Frequent illegal and anti-constitutional actions, including actions that offend the religious and national feelings of citizens caught up in the counterterrorist operations, and other special operations, search operations, etc.

- The lack of preventive mechanisms aimed at combating the spread of extremist ideas among the youth

- Unprecedented high level of corruption, lack of social mobility, economic inequality, social injustice

- The practice of using illegal preventive accounting, leading to violations of constitutional rights and civil liberties

- Ignoring by the leaders of the Republic of Dagestan of spiritual needs and the needs of Muslims in the region, as well as poor work of Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Dagestan

How to overcome extremism?

The final conference on "Problems of combating xenophobia and prevention of religious extremism in the youth environment" took place at a very high level and has received positive feedback from experts.

The conference adopted a resolution and the list of recommendations, the main thesis of which is that young people make a substantial contribution to the development of society, is a guarantee of its correct political and spiritual formation, the successor of the glorious traditions of their ancestors.

It was also noted that an open dialogue is an indispensable tool for the harmonization of relations between state and society, and will contribute to the resumption of mutual trust.

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