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2016 results

The last meeting of FLNCA Council in 2016

On December 12 the last meeting of FLNCA Council in 2016 was held.

In addition to the Council members, Vasif Gasanov, the head of Yaroslavl regional Lezgi National and Cultural Autonomy, Shikhmagomed Mursalov, the chairman of FLNCA Auditing Comission and Ramazan Mamedov, the head of FLNCA Coordinating Council of Lezgi peoples were invited to the meeting.

The first point of the discussion was to discuss the outcome of FLNCA for 2016 and discussion of the major events planned for the year 2017. FLNCA President noted the main activities on critical areas, conducted by FLNCA in the past year:

Traditional holiday of Lezgi peoples "Yaran Suvar" in Derbent, which was conducted jointly with the Administration of Derbent.

Activities of the youth department: numerous charity events, including Kurban suvar, annual festive Iftars, meetings with representatives of the municipal authorities, intellectuals and clergy in areas of the Southern Dagestan; honoring excellent students from the Southern Dagestan in Makhachkala with the award of prizes; participation in the Cross Caucasus volunteerism and more.

International activity:

- Participation in the 61st annual congress of FUEN, in Wroclaw, Poland;

- Meeting of FLNCA President Arif Kerimov with OSCE Higher Commissioner on National Minorities Astrid Thors;

- Participation of FLNCA delegation in the regular session of the UN Committee on Non-Governmental organizations and consideration of FLNCA application for consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations;

- Scientific activities at the international level: a series of lectures of FLNCA Vice President Ruslan Kurbanov on the problems of the divided Lezgi people in the Brussels University.

Arif Karimov highlighted the key project, implemented by FLNCA in 2016 - "Dagestan against terrorism and extremism".

2016 results

Then Arif Kerimov briefed the members of the Council with the action plan for the coming year. Among them he singled out as the most important the international scientific conference "The adoption of Christianity by the Caucasian Albania", as well as a series of expert roundtables on such relevant topics as "The role of the national-cultural autonomies in strengthening the unity of the peoples of Russia", "Problems of patriotic education of the Russian youth in the context of the general history of the peoples of the former Soviet Union ","Problems of preservation and development of native languages of the peoples of Russia" etc.

Further discussion flowed smoothly to the next item of the agenda - on the visit of FLNCA delegation to New York in February 2017 to attend the next meeting of the UN Committee on NGOs.

Another issue discussed in the meeting was summing up the work for 2016 of the school for the study of the native language and the school of Lezgi dance "Lecki" at FLNCA.

The last and one of the most important issues on the agenda was the discussion of possible measures to stop the project of extraction of groundwater from areas adjacent to the Samur woodland and on initiation of discussion of alternative options for providing water to residents of Derbent.

At the end of the meeting FLNCA President thanked everyone for their participation in the life of the organization, wished everyone good health, success and fruitful work in the next year.

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