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Wife of Dagestani Mufti nominates herself for Russian presidency

More than 300 orphans to receive new housing in Dagestan

Court releases journalist detained in Makhachkala

Prosecutor's Office asks to close mosque in Chontaul

Russian lawmaker blasts fresh UN resolution on Crimea as political provocation

Vasiliev and Braverman discuss small business development issues in Dagestan

Two militants killed in Dagestan

Dagestan ensemble "Lezginka" performs for Russian soldiers in Syria

Makhachkala hosts Interregional Innovation Forum

A Dagestani woman reports about her second child left in Syria

Activity of illegal armed gang revealed in Dagestan

Remains of deceased in Great Patriotic War buried with honor in Dagestan

ROCs Assembly stands for Russian athletes participation in Winter Olympics

Rights defenders call on to find kidnappers of Dagestani Imam's son

Dagestan authorities to increase number of industrial clusters

Southern republics become outsiders of Russian salary rating

Text on the legal status of the Caspian Sea has been agreed upon in Moscow

Village of the Masters: new Russian cartoons promote virtues of village life in Dagestan

Vladimir Vasilyev reports on increase in household incomes in Dagestan

Dagestani team wins Russian Cup in freestyle wrestling

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