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Moscow: some 30 people came to opening ceremony of exhibition of photos taken by children from Northern Caucasus

The photo show "On the plains and in the mountains: children's weekdays in Northern Caucasus" was opened on June 6 at the Moscow's Sakharov Centre in the presence of some 25-30 people. The exhibition features about 100 photos taken by children aged from 8 to 15 living in Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya.

These works picture the life of Northern Caucasus through eyes of children and give a better acquaintance with the region, the organizers believe.

"We live in a large country, which, unfortunately, is little known to us; and this applies primarily to Northern Caucasus. In the media space, we really hear a lot of negative facts about it; but we know very little about the everyday life of ordinary people. And children's look at it is most sincere and unbiased," Sergey Lukashevsky, Director of the Sakharov Centre, said at the opening ceremony.

The project is an attempt to understand the children's live in these republics, said Irina Kosterina, the author of the project and coordinator of gender programmes of the Boell Foundation.

According to her story, when they began receiving first photos, it was a kind of adventure. "Thanks to the photos taken by these children, people can get acquainted with this life and with the project," said Irina Kosterina at the opening of the photo show.



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