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Two militants killed in Dagestan

Two militants killed in Dagestan

Two militants have been killed during the counter-terrorist operation in the republic of Dagestan, Russias Northern Caucasus, the information center of the National Antiterrorist Committee (NAC) reported.

"The militants that were neutralized in Dagestan were involved in crimes of a terrorist nature," the NAC said, without giving any details.

Law enforcement officers continue a special operation in the vicinity of the village of Chirkata, Gumbertovsky district of Dagestan, wheretwo militants were killed in the course of the counter-terrorist operation, a source with the regional security agencies told TASS on Tuesday.

"Two militants were killed in the vicinity of the village of Chirkata at 00:20 (Moscow time). The criminals made resistance and were killed from the ambush.
Evacuation of the population was not required. There are no casualties among civilians. At present the area near Chirkata has been cordoned off. The counterterrorism operation continues, " the source said.




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Suspected Militant Killed in Dagestan

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