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Samur's defenders back in the ranks

How to protect the unique forest?

Samur's defenders back in the ranks

On November 30 a meeting was held in the village of Samur of Magaramkhur district. According to the data available in the media, about 400 people, residents of most villages of the area, attended the event.

The reason for organizing the protest was to discuss the problems of the resumption of work on the construction of a large water main in Samur forest near the village of Samur to provide water to the residents of the city of Derbent and its surroundings.

The event was started by Fazil Tagirmirzoyev, the head of the village of Samur. In his speech he spoke about the pressure, which the opponents of the construction of water pipeline face due to their active position. A few days ago, as the head of the village, he and the Council of Elders of Samur village weresummoned to the government of the Republic of Dagestan.

Samur's defenders back in the ranks

"At the meeting we were told that they had all necessary documents granting the right to implement the project. When I said that it was impossible to make abstraction of groundwater according to the scientists and experts, Ramazan Aliyev, the first Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, said that scientists could not do anything to prohibit, they could only recommend. Tagimirzoyev says in the interview to "Caucasian Knot.

"During the meeting it was stated that 500 million rubles had been allocated for the construction of this hydro and an additional 70 million rubles werenecessary to allocate for its completion. According to their words, it is a state project and it is financed by the state, there are not any private investments there. - Tagimirzoyev continues.

Samur's defenders back in the ranks

In addition, Tagirmirzoev said that the prosecutor's office of Magaramkhur district encouraged the activists not to interfere with the construction of water intake facilities and the representatives of law enforcement agencies had told the activists that they had been ordered to stop all attempts to interfere with the construction of water intake facilities.

Mair Pashayev, an economist:

The requirements of protesters are not to touch the water under the Samur forest and carry out environmental impact assessment of the project of water pipeline.

Magomedanifa Beybutov, the deputy of Magaramkhur district:

The authorities as always say that there will not be damage. However, the scientists- hydro geologists with a worldwide reputation say that it can bring to a disaster.

We have sent letters to the Presidential Administration, the representatives promised to come. We invited journalists, scientists from Moscow. As long as they do not come, nothing will be suspended. And nobody believes in Dagestani officials and their forged documents any more. All the necessary requests we have sent to Moscow. This problem is at the stage of solution.

Samur's defenders back in the ranks

The protesters against the construction of Samur water main could suspend work, but it is a question how long the lull will be. FLNCA greets defenders of native wildlife and wishes them fortitude, and for its part is making all possible efforts to prevent disaster.

Farida Sanjakh

FLNCA press-service



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