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Moderate Islam for Dagestan

Ravil Gainutdin and Vladimir Vasilyev agreed on the fight against radicalism

Ravil Gainutdin and Vladimir Vasilyev had a meeting which took place in the Moscow Cathedral Mosque on December 4, where they agreed on building the ideology of moderate Islam in Dagestan. What it means is that theres going to be the initiative implemented through advanced training courses for imams and educational projects for Muslims. This was reported by TASS.

But how realistic in our time is information freedom to form religious doctrines and ideologies from above?

We, the Muslim clergy, analysing both the past and the present state of our religious community, came to the conclusion that it is necessary to start building the ideology of moderate Islam in the republic of Dagestan, Ravil Gaynutdin said.

Our preachers at the local levels should educate those among their congregation who come to the mosque with questions, speak to students, on radio and television, explain the correct understanding of Islam, Ravil Gaynutdin said. Vladimir Vasiliev stressed the great role of the Muslim clergy in solving many urgent problems and problems, and also confirmed, the intentionsof Dagestani authorities to interact with Muslim religious associations.

Dagestan has a long, more than a thousand-year history of Islam, which in fact calls for respect for peace and public order, and at that, it is strongly opposed to strife and conflict. And despite the attempts of the Soviet state to remove religion from the minds of people, such a long religious tradition did not awry many jamaats have survived in the republic and they retained their religious tradition. Largely due to this, the radicalisation has affected but the minds of minority go the population among young people.

It should be noted that the worst times of this phenomenon is behind us. What happened in Dagestan boys and men going to the so-called "forest" and Syria led to the tragedies of many families in the republic. The rest young people, having seen the example of their deceived countrymen, realised quite easily that in the appeals of radical pseudo imams, there is either little sincerity, or little desire to really get into the meaning of the Koran and Sunnah.

In addition, the concept of any ideology, descended from the above, being perceived by the society in the desired way seems doubtful. Moreover, this measure can be perceived ambiguously in Dagestan itself, including among clergymen. Ruslan Kurbanov, political analyst, senior research fellow of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has elaborated on this matter in his commentary to our site:

Moderate Islam for Dagestan

The meeting between Ravil Gainutdin and Vladimir Vasiliev has already entailed mixed reaction in Dagestan. First of all, among the supporters of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Dagestan. Perhaps Vasiliev, poorly versed in the religious relations of the Muslim community of Russia, thinks, or he was led to believe, that Ravil Gainutdin is the mufti of the whole of Russia, and the Muftiate of Dagestan, similar to the church scheme in ROC, is subordinate to him. However, the reality of the Muslim community is different. The Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Dagestan is not included in the structure headed by Ravil Gaynutdin. Moreover, not only does the Muftiate of Dagestan claim its autonomy, but also that they are the largest regional centralised Muslim organisation in Russia in view of the record number of mosques in its subordination.

Not too long ago the Muftiate of Dagestan criticised Ravil Gainutdin's views in general. It is very controversial, what Ravil Gaynutdin and Vladimir Vasiliev themselves understand under the term "moderate Islam, as well as those who wrote this news.

First, the Dagestani Muftiate claims that the version of Islam that they adhere to is the most traditional and moderate, and it has proved to be loyal to the country of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, including during the fight against radical ideologies and movements in the front line. In fact, it suffered almost commensurable to law enforcement of Russia losses in the fight against the radicalisation of the Muslim community. The number of imams, deputy muftis, sheikhs murdered in Dagestan is huge.

Perhaps Gainutdin had in mind the concept of a moderate Islam in the sense it was presented in the Arab world Islam Al-Wasatya, that is, "middle, "moderate. This idea was elaborated in Kuwait after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001. Kuwait thus wanted to show the United States and the rest of the world that they are not involved in the radical interpretation of Islam, and their willingness to support moderate Islam. But the problem is that the Muftiate of Dagestan considers the developers of that very concept to be a part of Salafi Islam, with whom they have great disagreements.

Nevertheless, it is possible to positively evaluate the initiative of the interim head of the RD V.Vasilyev, who realises the importance of the problem of radicalisation of youth and the necessity of its return to moderate Islam.



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