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FLNCA received its European diplomat

A diplomat for the UN and EU

FLNCA received its European diplomat

In early September the final third stage of the educational program for the training of diplomats from among civil society activists for work with the UN and the European Union ended in Brussels.

The educational project was organized by the UN, the EU, UNPO and Oxford University. The main aim of the project was to prepare a new generation of diplomats from among the unrepresented peoples.

Ruslan Kurbanov, the FLNCA Vice President, PhD in political Science and journalist represented FLNCA in the project.

As Ruslan Kurbanov said, the project was built on a detailed study of the structure, work technologies and vast international experience of European and international institutions based in Brussels.

The participants of the educational project were trained by professional diplomats, politicians, current MEPs, members of the staff of UN agencies, as well as professional speechwriters, speakers, experts on effective public communication and image makers.

During the course of the project the participants not only listened to lectures, but also went through a large number of interactive training sessions conducted by experts, many years working in the structures of the UN and the European Union.

In addition, to complete the training each of the participants had to present his final draft to protect and promote the rights of his own people, unrepresented at the UN level.

Ruslan Kurbanovs project, having original ideas and technology to address contemporary issues facing the divided Lezgi people in the field of preservation and development of native culture, language, education and national identity, has been recognized as the best on the results of the educational cycle.

As a graduate of this educational project ahead of Ruslan Kurbanov there are a huge number of international events at the United Nations and the European institutions for the protection of the interests of his own people, as well as the exchange of experience between the structures of public diplomacy of friendly peoples.

In addition, now in Brussels Ruslan Kurbanov will be involved to educate and train students and social activists following streams of unrepresented peoples seeking to protect their rights at the international level.

Recall that Ruslan Kurbanov is a graduate of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation on a specialty "Safety of interethnic and interfaith relations."

In addition, Ruslan Kurbanov is a senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a research fellow at the University of Brussels in Belgium. In addition, FLNCA Vice President is a regular participant of television talk shows on Russian federal channels.

Farida Sanjakh

FLNCA press-service



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