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Taboo of Lezgins

Media avoid mentioning the small peoples

In April a presentation of the Qusar region and its cultural and regional peculiarities was hosted at the Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators in Baku.

With reference to the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan "trend. az. it informs that the event was organized by the Office of Culture and Tourism of Baku city and the Culture and Tourism department of Qusar region with the support of the district leadership. It was held within the project "from the regions to the capital" (in Azerbaijani: Bölgələrdən paytaxta).

The event began with a familiarization with the exposition, deployed in the theater lobby. There were stands, where history, culture, socio-economic achievements and the tourism potential of the Qusar region were displayed. In addition, the exhibition presented national food, agricultural products and work of craftsmen.

Also during the event, it was stressed repeatedly that ethnic groups living in the country, the development of their culture are paid special attention that was testified by the announcement of the year 2016 as the "Year of multiculturalism".

However, what has really happened?

The material of the site did not mention Lezgins which are absolute ethnic majority In the Qusar region."It was noted that the Qusar region is one of the regions of Azerbaijan, home to small nationalities" - this is how this issue is covered in the news at site.

It is important to understand that this "small nationalities" are estimated of more than 90% of the Qusar region population, is the second-largest ethnic group of Azerbaijan and is the basis of the population of some areas of the north of the country. And during the presentation of the Qusar region there was no word about Lezgins.

Although namely Lezgi national characteristics in the culture, traditions, customs, folklore, dances, songs, carpet weaving, ceramic art, kitchen, household items, religious practices, language, etc. were presented in the course of the event. Thus, for example, a master class in baking Lezgi bread "Hran fu" was arranged there, but it was presented to the guests as Azerbaijani bread.

Ignoring the indigenous peoples of the North Azerbaijan by officials and representatives of the mass media of Azerbaijan takes place against the background of numerous statements by the country's leadership about the special attention to the problems of preservation and development of cultural and linguistic characteristics of ethnic minorities, stressing that this is one of the general directions pursued by the republic's authorities.

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