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Mobile operators in Azerbaijan close access to Facebook and Twitter

Bakcell and Azercell, two leading mobile operators in Azerbaijan, suspended providing free access to social networks “” and “Free Mobile Twitter” to their subscribers, the Azerbaijani portal "" reported.


Despite the fact that the message of the mobile operators states that temporary suspension of services is due to technical problems, some experts believe that the decision of the two leading mobile operators to stop providing free access to social networks at the same time, may have political background, the article says.


The article notes that the social network Facebook is very popular in Azerbaijan and it has more than one million users. According to the experts, apparently, the recent decision of mobile operators is connected with the activity of the young people in social networks.


"The increasing number of the users in social networks affects their activity. Facebook has acquired an important role in shaping public opinion in Azerbaijan. Apparently, the authorities are concerned with the fact that Facebook has become a tool of expressing the civic activity," the head of Internet Forum Osman Gunduz, who studies social media in Azerbaijan, said.




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