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Azerbaijani Defense Ministry about Escalating Tension on Border


The Armenian media reports about the destruction of an Azerbaijani post at the frontline and losses among the Azerbaijani military are untrue, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry stated on 25 September.

Such messages do not have any foundation and are disinformation, the report says. "Without a doubt, this kind of messages repeated by the criminal regime in power in Armenia, which faces political and military collapse, in the first place serve to justify setbacks at the front and casualties in the public opinion in Armenia, and at the same time to hide crimes against the civilian border villages of Azerbaijan," the message underlines further.

The Ministry of Defense said that along the state border with Armenia, Azerbaijan's armed forces are capable of destroying any military objective in the enemy territory and to set complete control over towns and communication lines deep beyond the frontline.

"We consider it important to again bring to the attention of the Armenian side, particularly the Armenian civilian population, that Azerbaijani soldiers were ordered not to open fire only on the civilian population. In other cases, any moving military object will be destroyed without authorization command. For this reason, the responsibility for any object of military purpose placed in civilian villages and the damage done to the civilian population as a result of collisions falls on the Armenian authorities that deliberately held their population hostages," stressed the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

Yesterday the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that as a result of the Armenian side opening fire on September 23, a resident of the village Kemerli in the Gazakh district of Azerbaijan at the border with Armenia, Esmira Dursunova was wounded. She was taken to the district hospital in a state of moderate severity. The Defense Ministry connected the firing at Azerbaijani villages with the traditional purposeful actions of the Armenian side in the period to involve the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in a provocation. 



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