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Defense Ministry reported the destruction of enemy troops and equipment


Azerbaijani Defense Ministry press service reported at 13 o'clock on the continuation of the fighting on the front line, the destruction of manpower, military equipment and military infrastructure of the Armenians, which coordinates  have been determined on the front and rear of the enemy. Details were not disclosed. 

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2016 April 02 (Saturday) 11:09:59

On April 2 at 11 o'clock the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry confirmed the beginning of large-scale fighting along the front lines of Karabakh with the use of artillery. The reason  is that the Armenian side  started  shelling residential areas. In order to prevent  the activity of the enemy and prevent its expansion, command took measures, the report says.

According to the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan, the most active fighting involving various types of troops are on the line Agdara-Terter, Aghdam, and also in the southern sector - through Khojavend, Fuzuli. No losses are reported.

Defense Ministry also denied the information about downed Azerbaijani  helicopter.

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2016 April 02 (Saturday) 10:13:22

On the night of April 2, the situation in the Aghdam and Terter Karabakh front worsened. Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported on skirmishes with mortars and heavy machine guns. In turn, the Armenian Defense Ministry reported an intense bombardment of their positions on the front and the rear  in the north-east direction from mortars and artillery, as well as the response  "punitive" measures. According to unofficial sources, the two sides also used armored vehicles and aircraft. Azerbaijani Defense Ministry has not commented on the scale of the fighting. However, local sources reported the shelling of the frontline Azerbaijani villages from heavy weapons and destructions. At 11 o'clock in the Armenian media reported large-scale military operations across the front line. In particular, that  the Azerbaijani helicopter was shot down. It is also reported about the losses on both sides.  The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry  has not  commented on the events. 



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