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H.Ismayilova: Charges against Me Are Dirty PR


The arrested journalist Khadija Ismayilova today called her colleagues from the Azerbaijani service of Radio Liberty from prison. Speaking of her arrest, she noted that she knew that sooner or later the government would attack her.

"I am strong and you should be strong. I expected that one day the authorities would not stand their nerves. It happened and I was arrested. The charges leveled against me are fiction, dirty and black PR. Despite all this, I am strong. I know that you do not have it easy either. But do not be discouraged. Continue to work. It is important that each should continue his work. I expect new investigations from my colleagues and new initiatives from human rights defenders. The work must continue," said Ismayilova.

However, the journalist said that she does not complain about conditions of her detention at the moment. 



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