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Prices Continue to Rise


After the manat was let to "free floating", the instability in the trading network continues, and the prices of a number of foods and other commodities continue to rise.

At the same time, prices of the same products vary considerably in different shopping sites.

According to the observations of Turan IA, a number of locally made and imported products have faced 30-40% growth. Even the "factory bread" has risen in price by 10 kopecks. At the same time, prices of a number of dairy products remain at the same level. Cigarettes went up by 50%.

 The rise in price of food products has led to higher prices for the services of restaurants and Palais des festivals, which also buy food products at the new prices. Therefore, the revision of prices already designated for weddings and celebrations is being considered.

According to observers, the current rise in prices will boost small traders – so-called shuttles. Thus, delivery of cheap goods from Georgia, Iran and Russia once again becomes a lucrative business.

Many foods and other products in these countries are 2 times cheaper, the marketing manager for one of the wholesale trade institutions told Turan IA. Shuttles are allowed the importation of goods free of duty of 10 thousand dollars, which makes this a real trade. If the authorities eliminated monopolies, it would also contribute to lower prices, experts say.



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