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The devaluation increased the frustration of young people


The unemployment rate for the Azerbaijani youth, especially in the rural areas, was high even before the devaluation of the manat. After the second devaluation the process even more accelerated, said  in an interview with Turan and "Voice of America" Zaur Akbar, the head of the Azerbaijani Youth Association  of  Antlantic Contract. Rising prices and unemployment have a negative impact on the lives of young families. On the other hand, because of the  absence of job  young people cannot create  families. "The depreciation of the manat has further strengthened the sense of hopelessness and pessimism among young people. At the same time, the government's steps to support young people, are not effective," he said. Under the current situation it would be reasonable to provide young families with interest-free mortgages. For example, in 2008 during the crisis in Spain, the government  provided long-term interest-free loans to young families and thereby mitigating the effects of the crisis. According to the committee, the youth unemployment rate in Azerbaijan is 5%. However, in reality, a much larger scale of unemployment and the recent protests in the region to witness. "There are young people who can not earn their living today," he said.

The activist also pointed out the weak representation of young people in parliament and government. "Even the Minister of Youth and Sports is more than 50 years." The government also exposes youth discrimination on political grounds. Thus, independent and opposition youth organizations do not have  opportunities to hold conferences and events. Hotels do not provide them with premises referring to the instructions from the authorities.



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