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Protest on Fountain Square

About a hundred young people on December 8 held a protest rally on Fountain Square in downtown Baku against the increase in fuel prices.

The rally was scheduled for 16.00 by the leader of Azerbaijani European Movement (AEM) Ramin Hajili .

But in the morning Fountain Square was taken under surveillance by the and men in civilian clothes.

When young people gathered in front of the cafe McDonald's, holding white sheets, the police and people in civilian clothes started to pull out the papers of the hands of the young people. They demanded from the crowd to disperse. However, the young people pulled out of the pockets new sheets and began a silent march through the area.

Police and people in civilian clothes began to accompany them and on the opposite side of the square they demanded to stop the action .

The young people began to protest this. One of them. the head of the press service of AED Parviz Azimov was detained. The protesters snatched another protester from the hands of men in civilian clothes. Soon Azimov was also released.

In order to avoid confrontation with the police the leader of AEM Ramin Hajili urged the protesters to disperse. He condemned the police action .

"Unfortunately, the government ignores not only the socio-economic interests of citizens , but also does not respect political freedoms . Police and people in civilian clothes did not allow the people even to make a walk in the square. This neglected the laws," Hajili told Turan.



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