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Daghestani President’s "Educated Daghestan" priority project discussed in Government

Makhachkala, April 18, 2013. On Wednesday, April 17, Anatoly Karibov, the Interim First Deputy Daghestan Prime Minister, chaired a meeting of the working group on implementing Daghestani Leader’s "Educated Daghestan" priority project, the presidential press service reports.


The GVA (Global Venture Alliance) expert group headed by Bulat Stoliarov, and heads of Daghestan ministries, departments, and universities came to the meeting.


Participants discussed a few proposals to be included in the Daghestan government’s schedule to implement the president’s "Educated Daghestan" priority project for April-December, 2013. Concluding the meeting, Anatoly Karibov gave instructions and recommendations to the responsible managers.





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