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In Azerbaijan, oil-industry workers go on warning strike, Mirvari Gakhramanly reports

Today, in Baku, workers of the Gas and Oil Producing Administration (GOPA) "Bibi-Aibat" of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), held a warning strike to demand higher wages. This was reported by Mirvari Gakhramanly, the head of the Committee to Protect Rights of Oil-Industry Workers. The SOCAR denied the information about the strike.


According to the Mirvari Gakhramanly's information, the strike that lasted about three hours was attended by about 100 workers of the GOPA's fourth sector, and they demanded to raise wages at least in 1.5 times. "At present, the oil-industry workers have very low wages ashore," she has explained.


So, service technicians earn per month with all allowances 275 manats (about 350 US dollars) after taxes, electrical/gas welders 300 manats (about 382 US dollars), and operators 350 manats (about 446 US dollars). According to the Mirvari Gakhramanly's report, it is less than the average wage in the country that comprises 400 manats (about 509 US dollars).


The workers returned to work after they were met by representatives of the management of the GOPA "Bibi-Aibat". "They were mid-level managers of the level of heads of the GOPA's divisions. They promised to consider the demands of the workers and left the place. Thereafter, the workers resumed their work. However, they have warned that if their wages are not raised in the near future, then, they will stop working again," the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by the head of the Committee to Protect Rights of Oil-Industry Workers.


Nizameddin Guliev, the head of the SOCAR's Public Relations Division, claims no strike was held at the GOPA "Bibi-Aibat".


According to his version, all 40 teams in the "Bibi-Aibat" are at work. Nizameddin Guliev states that in the morning, eight workers of the GOPA met the managers. The meeting considered the issue of "the difference in the amount of wages for the previous month," the "Trend" quotes Nizameddin Guliev as saying.


The head of the SOCAR's Public Relations Division states that the workers were satisfied with the explanations of the managers and continued to work.


Caucasian Knot


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