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In Azerbaijan, journalist of newspaper "Azadlyg" claims being unlawfully detained

Staff members of the Azerbaijan's road police prevented Natiq Gyulakhmedoglu, a journalist of the opposition newspaper "Azadlyg" (Freedom), from performing his professional duties and then detained him. This was told to the "Caucasian Knot" by Natiq Gyulakhmedoglu himself.


According to the journalist's story, the incident has occurred today at about 06:00 p.m. in Sumgait, 30 kilometres from Baku. "When preparing reportage, I accidentally witnessed a dispute between a staff member of the road police and a car driver. I began to record it on video with my tablet. However, suddenly, another Sergeant of the road police approached me and began insulting me in front of people," Natiq Gyulakhmedoglu has said.


The journalist has emphasized that he had introduced himself and asked the policeman to behave in a way appropriate for a representative of the law enforcement bodies. However, the policemen tied his arms and forced him in a police car.


According to the journalist's version, he has not violated the law, since he was making a video record of the event in the public place, and staff members of the road police "have no right to detain citizens".


"After keeping me in their car for about an hour, they let me go. However, finally, the policemen said that I was wrong, not them. However, they threatened me by saying: 'Next time, you will not get off so easily'," Natiq Gyulakhmedoglu has added.


He has said that on July 9, he intends to file a formal complaint to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) against the actions of the policemen.



Caucasian Knot


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