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Resident of Saatly beaten for supporting Jamil Hasanli

Ruslan Akhmedov, a resident of the village of Gemuslu in the Saatly region, was beaten in the Saatly police department for supporting Jamil Hasanli, the presidential candidate of the opposition National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF.)


According to Akhmedov, he was summoned to the police department in the morning, where he was then beaten and accused of communicating with the opposition, and for giving his signature for the candidate of the opposition.


"They beat me in the face, head, and ribs. Medical institutions refuse to examine me, and recommend contacting the 102," Akhmedov said.


It is noteworthy that until recently he was a member of the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan." However, in a sign of protest against the tyranny of the local authorities, he sent his membership card to President Ilham Aliyev and criticized the regional authorities on the facebook.




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