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Azeri Candidate Holds Last Presidential Campaign Rally

BAKU -- Supporters of Azerbaijan's united opposition presidential candidate, Camil Hasanli, have held the last election rally before the October 9 vote. 

Organizers said up to 10,000 people took part in the October 5 rally in Baku.

Police, however, put the number at 1,500.

Hasanli told the rally that if he is elected he would "prevent" Azerbaijan from turning "into a dictatorship."

He accused authorities of not sharing the country's vast oil revenues with ordinary Azerbaijanis.

Hasanli said millions of people have left Azerbaijan to "find bread" in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.

Hasanli is seeking to unseat incumbent Ilham Aliyev.

Aliyev has not held any election rally in Baku.

His supporters say the president is popular enough not to hold any campaign rally.


Radio Liberty


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