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Oktay Akhverdiev: 2 million people in Azerbaijan live below poverty line

Despite the rosy assurances of the Azerbaijani officials, about 2 million people in Azerbaijan live below the poverty line. As the portal "Factheber" reports these are the data of the independent Azerbaijani expert Oktay Akhverdiev.
He noted that about 1.3 million pensioners live in Azerbaijan. "About 300,000 people are to be subtracted from this figure, namely civil servants who receive higher pension and pensioners whose children and relatives are helping them. Based on this, about 1 million pensioners are doomed to live by 140-150 manats a month (140-150 euros - Ed.). For a person to live on an average level he needs at least 300 manats per month," he said.
In addition, Akhverdiev noted that the unemployed are also in the number poor in Azerbaijan, they amount to 400 thousand people. The main problem is that they live in rural areas where the majority of people cannot take up farming as they had once sold their lands, besides there are no enterprises where they could work.
Besides, there are also about 300 thousand people in Azerbaijan with disabilities and other physical limitations. If we take into consideration the poor from other categories of population, it will turn out that about 2 million people in Azerbaijan live in poverty. 
These people are unlikely to be able to afford a holiday in any resort area ever in Azerbaijan, not to mention trips to the neighboring countries; they are unlikely to improve their health in health resorts.
The expert noted that Azerbaijan is a small country with huge incomes, and for that reason the number of the poor could be much less.



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