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Kadyrov is satisfied with "Russia" bank

The Chechen president has kept his promise and became a customer of the "Russia" bank, which has been subjected to sanctions.

"I had previously written that I intend to open a bank account with "Russia". As promised, on Monday March 24, 2014, I became a client of the bank. Now my salary will come to the card that you see in the picture," he wrote on his page on Instagram.

The new client has no doubts about the prospects of the chosen credit institution. "The bank is working only with our national currency, it works quickly. I am sure that "Russia" has a great future. I am also convinced that by their mouse-like sanctions the West did a favor to the bank. Russian President Vladimir Putin opened an account there, thousands and thousands of Russians will now become its customers. Thank you for the beautiful bank card with our tricolor flag !" thanked Ramzan Kadyrov.


Vestnik Kavkaza


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