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NGO Alliance Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners Does Not Believe Authorities


The NGO Alliance Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners accuses the authorities of an effort to destroy civil society. In a statement, the NGO noted that the motives of the authorities are simple – to persecute and repress activists, journalists and NGOs, who expose corruption and lawlessness of oligarchs, government officials and senior management of the country.

That's why Khadija Ismayilova and many others were thrown into prison.

The recent arrests of PFPA activists in Mingechevir and Musavat activists in Baku indicate that the authorities do not intend to change this course.

Tyranny and repression, including against persons already convicted, indicate that the Aliyev regime intends to continue to pursue Intigam Aliyev, Yadigar Sadykhly, Leyla Yunus and all other opponents, despite the assurances of commitment to democracy and justice.

Lawlessness in the Lamia Guliyev case has shown the extent of lawlessness in the country and that all it involves state entities designed to protect and ensure the rule of law.

Against this background, holding meetings under the high-sounding title "dialogue between authorities and civil society" is a regretful attempt to throw dust in the eyes, the statement said.

* The NGO Alliance Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners was created by former political prisoners of the country. 



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