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Violence against journalists in Baku State University

Today, hundreds of students staged a protest in front of Baku State University (BSU) to protest against the increase of payments for resit. They chanted: "Students do not have to pay teachers' salaries", "Do not break the law, do not invent rigged rules."

BSU security forces behaved harshly towards the students and journalists.

Many of the students were forcibly pushed into the BSU building. One of the "security men" in plainclothes behaved more aggressively, damaging the camera and hitting Turan's correspondent and photojournalist Etimad Budagov.

The aggressiveness of the BSU security contributed to further inflammation of the passions. The police behaved with restraint.

The action ended after the BSU rector Abel Maharramov came to the students and promised to look into the complaint.

Later, however, a group of students gathered in the courtyard of the Academy of Sciences and refused to disperse.



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