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The ECHR upholds the complaint of the violation of the elections 2010


The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) upheld the complaint of lawyer Annagi Hajibeyli of violation of his rights during the parliamentary elections in 2010. The heads of the Association of Lawyers of the country Annagi Hajibeyli was a candidate from the bloc "APFP-Musavat" on 62th of Saatli constituency.

The court found violations of Hajibeyli under the Article 3 (right to free elections) of the  Protocol 1 of the European Convention for Human Rights and Freedoms.

The ECHR decided to pay Hajibeyli 10.000 Euros as compensation and 2,600 euros for legal costs.

At the elections in 2010 the candidacy of Hajibeyli was not registered. He said that out of 675 voters's signatures submitted for registration, a significant portion are invalid. For this reason he was denied registration. At the same time, the electoral commission made its finding based only on visual evaluation, the experts are not invited. The courts of Azerbaijan  rejected the complaint of  Hajibeyli.

In the complaint of Hajibeyli to the ECHR  stated that during the examination of his application to the Strasbourg court, his legal representative Intigam Aliyev was arrested. Hajibeyli was also questioned in the Prosecutor General's Office and has been banned from leaving the country.

In an interview with Turan agency Hajibeyli expressed satisfaction with the decision of the ECHR. According to him, a large group of citizens complained the elections in 2010. The Azerbaijani government has proposed a settlement agreement, and was ready to pay cash compensation. However, the applicants insisted that the ECHR ruled on the complaints.

Before Hajibeyli the European Court granted the applicantsof  a few complaints about violations of the election in 2010.



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