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The US to inform Azerbaijan about Iran’s nuclear program


On Friday the Director of the Department for Iran to the US State Department Steve Fegin held a briefing on the results of a two-day visit to Baku. The main purpose of the visit  is to discuss the  results of an agreement in the 5+1 formate on Iran's nuclear program.

In particular, the US diplomat held discussions with the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Financial Monitoring Service and the US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce.

According to him, the US hold discussions with neighboring countries Iran and the countries concerned.

"The main purpose of the meetings - to discuss issues related to the implementation of the provisions of the Iran nuclear deal. After confirming the IAEA that Iran comply with the agreement, the sanctions against Iran are lifted," said Fegin.

He pointed to the interest in this issue Azerbaijan. "The Azerbaijani business has interests in Iran. Compliance with the agreement Iran will contribute to the global, regional safety and security of Azerbaijan," said Fegin. Asking the question if they can trust Iran Fegin said that the IAEA has a very strong monitoring mechanisms, and they can rely on it. At the same time, the diplomat said the concern of the international community in October by Iran tests ballistic missiles.

"These tests are contrary to the agreement and UN Security Council resolutions. To prevent the proliferation of ballistic missiles, we are working within the UN and outside it," said Fegin.



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