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Hoagland calls the conditions for the growth of US investment in Azerbaijan


The main purpose of the visit of the  Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Richard Hoagland, to Azerbaijan is to discuss issues related to the transport corridor project "Silk Road." This Hoagland said at a briefing on Thursday at the US Embassy.

According to him, the United States supports the development of the "Silk Road", but is a specific decision on this matter pending.

Hoagland also spoke of an agreement between Iran and the "Six" on its nuclear program. Asking the question whether Iran is involved in regional energy projects after the lifting of sanctions, Hoagland said that the IAEA within 6 months to consider the technical aspects of the agreement, and all this time the sanctions will continue to operate. It is unclear how to change the situation in six months, he said.

"We hope that economic changes will in a positive way," said Hoagland.

Commenting on the reasons for the reduction of US investments in Azerbaijan, Hoagland said,

"There is not a political context in the  statistics of reduction the US investment in Azerbaijan.  The US companies are privately owned. The government does not control them, we do not have state-owned companies, so companies make  investments when it is economically beneficial.

So far, we have invested in Azerbaijan large investments. With the improvement of relations between our countries and the conditions for investment, investments will grow, " said Hogland.



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