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Fahraddin Aboszoda: Talyshes are deprived of elementary civil rights in Azerbaijan

Due to Azerbaijan’s policy, a large number of Talysh youths emigrate to various countries, Fahraddin Aboszoda, speaker of Talysh-Mughan Republic’s parliament, was quoted as saying by IRIB.


In an interview with Talysh service of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Aboszoda stressed that Talyshes are deprived of elementary rights in Azerbaijan and added: “Nevertheless, the Talysh people have kept their mother tongue and speak with their children in their native language.”


Noting that Talyshes living in Azerbaijan consider themselves part of Iran, the speaker said: “Talysh service of IRIB plays an important role in lives of Talyshes living in Azerbaijan.”


“In Azerbaijan, Talyshes are banned from cultural, public and literary activities, through which they could contribute to the preservation of traditional Iranian culture and fluent communication in their native language,” Aboszoda added.



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