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European Parliament discusses Talysh issues

The conference entitled "Minority rights, Reconciliation and Bottom-up Peacebuilding in the South Caucasus” initiated by Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) and the National Talysh Movement was held in European Parliament in February 19, as UNPO reports in its website.

The conference addressed the issue of the Talysh living in Azerbaijan. An international lawyer Fargiya Kerimova of Talysh nationality pointed out the main problems. She noted that the Talysh in Azerbaijan are completely deprived of their rights.

The Chairman of the National Talysh Movement Alikram Hummatov, on its turn, noted that the regional instability as well affects the Talysh. "Why is the war necessary?” he raised a rhetoric question.

To sum up, the participants of the conference noted that the denial of the problems doesn’t contribute to their resolution as well as establishment of stability in the South Caucasus.



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