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Riot in Azerbaijan will be more dramatic than in Ukraine: Predicts ex-speaker Rasul Guliyev

If the Azerbaijani authorities will not get a lesson from the Ukrainian events and will not start real reforms, then Azerbaijan may face more dramatic and tragic events, on his Facebook page stated the exiled, ex-speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament Rasul Guliyev.

According to him, elections in Ukraine, unlike Azerbaijan, were held democratically, though they were accompanied by certain disorders.

"The presidents left their opponents behind with a maximum margin of 5 percent. Ukrainian government is not mired in a total corruption as Azerbaijan. Therefore, if a chaos starts in Azerbaijan, it will result in an uncontrolled energy flow which will sweep from his path away merely everything," writes Guliyev.

Ex-Speaker noted that the Azerbaijani people do believe neither the authorities nor the opposition. "The same people are in opposition and in power for more than 20 years," Rasul Guliyev said.



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