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J. Hasanli : Ilham Aliyev awaits fate of Viktor Yanukovych

"Revolution in Ukraine was one of the grand events of the past days. Events on Maidan were successful and another authoritarian ruler, another dictator, corrupt robber failed in his own country. People expressed their will."

The leader of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) Jamil Hasanli, commenting on the events in Ukraine on his Facebook page said, "The victory of the Ukrainian people is a victory for people aspiring to Western values, who decided to live like human beings and do away with their Soviet past.

Events in Ukraine also showed the fate of an insatiable dictator, struggling with his people, not looking for support from the people, the same as other dictators.

Yanukovych and his corrupt ministers could not even find a country to where they could escape.

Accounting corruption became public. The same fate awaits the party New Azerbaijan, much dirtier than the Party of Regions, said Hasanli .

The fate of the corrupt Ukrainian officials awaits those of Azerbaijan - even more corrupt and predatory than the ministers of Yanukovych.
" The fate of Yanukovych awaits Ilham Aliyev, who usurped power once again on October 9th, 2013. After 4 years in power Yanukovych did not even do 4% of what Ilham Aliyev did," writes Hasanli .



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