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Khadija Ismaylova intends to seek compensation from the prosecutor's office

On Tuesday an investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova was once again, the fifth time over the past week questioned in the Investigation Department for Serious Crimes of Prosecutor General's Office , as a witness in a criminal case of disclosing state secrets.

During interrogation her personal computer was examined, journalists were told by Ismaylova. She noted that the investigation was interested in her meeting with the staff of the U.S. Senate at the restaurant Art Garden. " They looked at my computer, checked my e-mail, correspondence in Facebook, correspondence with a former employee of the National Security Ministry, Ramin Nagiyev. It becomes clear that on 19 February, it was decided to check my electronic tools and media," said Ismayilova.

She was surprised by the presence of such judgment, and said that such checks was unfounded. Ismaylova and her lawyer Elton Guliyev expressed protest about this.

Asking the question if the continual summons cause trouble to her professional activities, Ismaylova said that "of course it is terribly." "The investigation every time summons us. It takes much time, and work regime is disrupted.

Several times I could not be on air because of this. Now I an consulting with lawyers how to compensate financially the time taken by prosecutor," said Ismaylova.

As to the meeting in the Art Garden, the investigator asked Ismaylova whether she passed the Americans a list of people cooperating with the secret services.

"I said that I do not have such a list. Because they asked why Americans met it with me.

I told them to search it on Google on Azerbaijan and see how much information contains my name," said Ismaylova.

She added that they were members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, which adopts decision on the activities of "Radio Liberty". Therefore, they had to meet with the staff of "Radio Liberty."

Investigators asked if the Americans asked Ismaylova whether she had information related to state secrets, she said. "And Americans understand that I do not have a state secret," said Ismaylova.

At the same time, Ismaylova asked whether a journalist Fatullayev (who wrote an article about the meeting of Ismaylova with Americans in the restaurant and claiming that they are the scouts), or Jeyhun Osmanli (MP, claiming that the prosecutor gave Ismaylova an audio recording of Ismaylova with the Americans) have been interrogated. However, investigators told her that they could not tell her about it.

The lawyer Elton Guliyev was asked not to disclose the investigation secrecy, and refrained from comment.

Being asked when Ismaylova will be summoned next time, she said that she will be informed about it additionally.



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