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There are 130 victims of political repressions in Azerbaijan

41 prisoners of conscience and 89 political prisoners

Since establishment in 1995 Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD) is working on the problems of political repressions, by compiling the list of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. During preparation of this list, IPD is guided by the well-known definition of Amnesty International on prisoners of conscience and political prisoners.

While compiling the list, IPD always gives the information on each concrete prisoner, indicating under which articles of Criminal Code of Azerbaijan the investigation and court is taking place, by bringing evidences proving the falsification of criminal case and prevailing sentence by the court to be unlawful and illegal. On regular basis, Institute for Peace and Democracy realizes the monitoring of trials. At the same time, IPD regularly publishes the lists of victims of political repressions in Mass Media, exposes on the websites of informational agencies. IPD never passed to international organizations the lists of the victims of political repressions, which were not widely published in Mass Media and publicly accessible. Publicity and transparency are the main rules of the IPD working. From March 2014, IPD puts its lists of the victims of political repressions and researches regarding monitoring of the trials on the website of authoritative and independent informative analytical agency "Turan”. Lists are updated on regular basis: the names of new prisoners are being included and the names of those who served their time or were released by remission are being deleted from it.

To the date of May 21st, 2014 in Azerbaijan there are 130 victims of political repressions: 41 of which are prisoners of conscience and 89 are political prisoners. To find the full information about the case of each 130 victims of political repressions is possible as well as in Russian also in English languages on the website

English version -

Russian version -

On the website also possible to find information about the researches of IPD on monitoring of judicial system from 2009 to 2014:

In its human rights defending activities IPD is working under the famous tenet of Voltaire "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.”

The beliefs of the person, the nationality he holds does not matter, all are equal before the law.

Dr. Leyla Yunus Chevalier of the French Legion of Honour Winner of the International Theodor-Haecker-Prize Director of the Institute for Peace and Democracy



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