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Ali Hasanovdoes not see tension in relations with Washington


There is no tension in the relations between Azerbaijan and the United States, said in an interview with journalists Ali Hasanov, the head of the Department of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan. "We do not see any tension in the relations between Azerbaijan and the US, but some experts, human rights organizations and analytical centers have something to watch," he said. "However, the US-Azerbaijani relations in the international peace process, the fight against terrorism, energy security, the formation and operation of trans-national transport communications in the region of the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus, are developing," continued Hasanov.

"Some circles want to sharpen our relations, publishing from time to time in the American press negative materials about Azerbaijan. However, these articles are biased and are the execution order of the individual centers, seeking to spoil bilateral relations. We try to prevent this, and we believe that the US government is committed to the same," Hasanov said.

Responding  the question about today's hearing in the US Congress about the human rights situation in Azerbaijan, Hasanov said: "This is normal, and in our parliament  are held hearings on the processes in the Americas, and NGOs are hearing. If necessary, the government will hold such a hearing.

In today's world with the norms of political pluralism,  no one  is to blame for such things.

Let Americans  analyze and express their attitude to our events. We also analyze and express our relationship to the processes in the United States. However, there is one fundamental point: it is necessary for such discussions to invite not only anti-Azerbaijani forces, but also the people who know the real situation. Discussions should not be one-sided, but neutral," Hasanov said. Asked about the reasons for the pressure on the pro-Western NGOs, Hasanov said that the government does not share the pro-Western NGOs or other.

"We have registered and illegally  acting NGOs, not having a registration. Some  function transparently, while others do not. There are NGOs working under the law, but  some work by order. We want transparency in the activities of each organization," Hasanov said.

Asking the question  if  the  National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) will be invited to the next meeting  of the representatives of the authorities and the parties, Hasanov said: "We do not invite the Councils. We invite political parties. The doors are open to them."



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Ali Hasanovdoes not see tension in relations with Washington

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