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US Embassy: Military Cooperation with Azerbaijan Not Ceased


The US Embassy has responded to the statement of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry on the intention to develop relations with the Pentagon. The comments of the Embassy on this occasion say:

"The United States’ longstanding readiness to cooperate with Azerbaijan is unwavering, including on military issues.  Since Azerbaijan’s independence, we have organized a variety of military-to-military programs and training in a number of areas, including military proficiency, counterterrorism, counternarcotics, and even English language skills.  We deeply value this collaboration, as well as our ongoing work with Azerbaijan through NATO.  Our close cooperation and support continue to this day. 

The U.S. policy toward Azerbaijan is based on our strong commitment to working together to achieve the brightest future possible for both our countries.  This commitment is as strong as ever.  We look forward to continuing and expanding our cooperation in all aspects of our relationship.

We refer you to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense for further clarification on its statement.”

Yesterday the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry Chief of Staff Gen. Sadykov invited US Military Attache and urged him to resume the military cooperation between the two countries, despite the destructive policies of the US State Department. 



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