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GFI: $9.5 billion are illegally exported annually from Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan ranks the17th among the 149 countries on the illegal export of capital. According to the annual study Global Financial Integrity (GFI) "The illegal export of capital from developing countries", published on 9 December, amounts $ 9.5 billion annually, almost half of the state budget for 2014.  The analysis covered from 2004 to 2013.

The leading place occupies China and Russia, respectively, $ 140 billion and $ 105 billion annually. However, the volume of stolen capital per capita in Azerbaijan is ahead of the leaders - $ 1010. In Russia, the per capita capital accounts $729, and $107 in China.

From the post-Soviet countries ahead Azerbaijan is Kazakhstan - $ 16.704 billion; Ukraine  - $ 11.676 billion, then comes the so-called standard of "perfection" of Belarus - $ 8.820 billion. "Hateful" Armenia lags behind tenfold - $ 983 million. In the oil and gas Turkmenistan illegal export  is only $ 36 million . Somehow not neighborly, notices  Baku.

Global Financial Integrity - an American research organization that analyzes illicit financial flows from developing countries and supports the adoption of national and international measures that are designed to reduce them. Method of calculation takes into account only the GFI illegally derived funds from operations not reflected in the documents. The most important channel for GFI  noticed lowering or increasing actual value of exports and imports in the customs declaration - it accounts for 83.4% of illegal capital flight, according RBK. 



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