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In Baku, eight protesters against ban of hijabs sentenced

Today, the Nariman District Court of Baku has pronounced the verdict to a group of believers who were arrested in connection with the protest action held on October 5, 2012, in front of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan. The Court has sentenced the believers to 5-6 years of imprisonment.


Today, the above Court has found eight defendants guilty under Article 315.2 (rendering resistance or using force against a public official) and Article 233 (organization of actions aimed at disturbing public order or participation in such actions) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. The Articles stipulate the maximum penalty of 7 years of imprisonment.


Davud Kerimov and Telman Shiraliev were sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment; Tarlan Agadadashev, Anar Gasymly, Ilham Khatamov, and Rovshan Allakhverdiev sentenced to 5.5 years of imprisonment. Muradai Guliev and Djeikhun Guliev were sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.


"Most of the defendants have pleaded not guilty. Some believers partially admitted their guilt," the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by Mansum Bairamov, advocate of Rovshan Allakhverdiev.


According to the advocate, the investigators and the Court failed to prove guilt of Rovshan Allakhverdiev. In the coming days, the advocates and relatives of the convicted persons plan to hold a press conference and talk about their attitude to the verdict.


"I can only say that all of the defendants treat the verdict as unfair and ordered, since they believe that they are punished for protesting against the ban on wearing hijabs," Mansum Bairamov has stated. He has also added that all the defendants intend to appeal against the verdict.


Meanwhile, Baku continues trial against another group of defendants, accused of the events of October 5, 2012. The prisoners' dock contains 11 persons, and the investigation against 13 other defendants is underway.


Caucasian Knot


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