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Barda residents in Azerbaijan block the road because of the death of their countryman in army

This morning, dozens of residents of Bard city in Azerbaijan blocked Barda-Tartar highway. Protesters demand to determine those responsible for the death of their countryman in the army, Azerbaijani newspaper "" reports.


Mostly the relatives of Samir Mehdiyev, the Azerbaijani Army officer, were present at the protest. Officially it is reported that he committed suicide. By blocking the road people of Barda decided to express their dissatisfaction about the investigation process.

Police that arrived at the scene managed to disperse the protesters; however, the highway was blocked for half an hour.


The Relatives of Samir Mehdiyev threatened to hold another protest if the investigation did not find out those who are responsible in soldier’s suicide.


Press service of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that on May 30 at about 9:30pm in one of the Shemkir units, Samir Vagif oglu Mehdiyev, a career soldier of the Azerbaijani army committed suicide through hanging himself.


Since the beginning of 2013 state bodies of Azerbaijan had already confirmed deaths of 42 soldiers, of whom 36 were killed in non-combat conditions, including the cases of shootings by their comrade-in-arms and cases of suicides. In addition, the media reported about a few cases of deaths of soldiers. Numerous cases of deaths of Azerbaijani soldiers in non-combat condition and the attempts of the authorities of Azerbaijan to hide these facts in 2013 caused two major protests in Baku. The first protest was held on January 12, and the second one was held on March 10. Both protests were violently dispersed by the police.



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