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In Azerbaijan, court dismisses motion filed by defence of editor-in-chief of newspaper "Tolyshi Sado"

At the Baku Court of Grave Crimes, at the trial against Hilal Mamedov, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Tolyshi Sado" (Voice of Talysh), the judge has dismissed the defence's motion to summon as a witness the investigator, who had sanctioned a search of the defendant's rented apartment.


The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that Hilal Mamedov was arrested in Baku on June 21, 2012. He is charged with treason, inciting ethnic hatred and illegal possession of drugs.


Advocate Ramiz Mamedov filed a motion to summon as a witness the investigator of the Nizami District Police department, who had issued the warrant to search the rented apartment of Hilal Mamedov.


However, the Public Prosecutor Tural Yusifov opposed the motion. He has noted that the same witnesses were involved in two investigating procedures held on the same day.


Advocate Khalid Bagirov told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent that the Court's decision was groundless. According to his story, an investigator may independently issue a search warrant for an apartment in case he or she has grounds stipulated by the law and a search is urgently required by the circumstances.


Caucasian Knot


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