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Abdusamad Gamidov unanimously elected Prime Minister of Dagestan

On July 25, at the session of the People's Assembly of Dagestan, MPs have unanimously voted to approve Abdusamad Gamidov, Finance Minister, at the position of the Prime Minister of Dagestan.


The candidature of Abdusamad Gamidov for the position of the head of the government was proposed by Ramazan Abdulatipov, Acting President of Dagestan.


At the session of the People's Assembly of Dagestan held in Makhachkala, all the 82 MPs have unanimously voted for the candidature of Abdusamad Gamidov.


Abdusamad Gamidov was born on April 21, 1966, in the village of Mekegi of the Levashi District of Dagestan. He is PhD in Economics. Since 1996, Abdusamad Gamidov has been working as Minister of Finance of Dagestan.


Let us remind you that on July 22, Ramazan Abdulatipov, Acting President of Dagestan, announced the decision to dismiss the cabinet of ministers. Anatoly Karibov, First Deputy Chairman of Government, was appointed Acting Prime Minister.



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