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Immigrants from Azerbaijani Lezgin villages complain to European MPs about violation of their rights

Natives of the villages of Khrakh-Uba and Uryan-Uba located in Azerbaijan, who moved to Dagestan, complained to the members of the European Parliament about violations of their rights by the Azerbaijan's authorities.


The village of Khrakh-Uba and neighbouring village of Uryan-Uba are located in the Khachmaz District of Azerbaijan. Earlier, they were part of the village council of Novoaul of the Magaramkent District of Dagestan. In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the villages have become enclaves of Russia in Azerbaijan.


On August 31, in Dagestan, in the village of Novoaul, the meeting with European MPs took place.


"Death rates among residents of the exclave village are rising on the basis of constant depression and neurosis because of the abusive treatment by Azerbaijan," the MPs were told by Ruslan Gereev, a representative of the Federal Lezgin National-Cultural Autonomy (FLNCA) in Dagestan.


According to his story, all men from the village of Khrakh-Uba "were declared persona non grata in the territory of Azerbaijan."


During the meeting, the resident of the village of Khrakh-Uba complained the MPs about the ban on teaching children in the secondary school in their village.


The European parliamentarians received copies of the documents that, according to the FLNCA's activists, disclose violation of the rights of national minorities in Azerbaijan.



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